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Mark Harmon


Angie Harmon Kyra Sedgwick Sasha Alexander


A Flintstone Christmas A Flintstone Christmas Carol

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Characters: TV

I Dream of Jeannie: Jeannie Nelson NCIS: Anthony DiNozzo NCIS: Breena Slater-Palmer NCIS: NCIS Director Jenny Shepard NCIS: Special Agent Caitlin Todd NCIS: Timothy McGee NCIS: Ziva David Rizzoli and Isles: Dr. Maura Isles


Kyra Sedgwick Mark Harmon Sasha Alexander


NCIS: 2.07 Call of Silence NCIS: 5.06 Chimera NCIS: 5.07 Requiem NCIS: 7.01 Truth or Consequences NCIS: 7.04 Good Cop, Bad Cop


A Grandpa For Christmas

Relationships: TV

NCIS: Gibbs and Kate NCIS: Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and Special Agent Caitlin Todd NCIS: Tony and Ziva

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Rizzoli and Isles The Closer

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