Humor Page

I firmly believe in the gift of laughter. I am so grateful for each opportunity I have to laugh. That is why I have created a humor section for all site visitors to enjoy. I hope you enjoy these. :)

  • Church Bulletin Bloopers: These are bloopers that have come out of real church bulletins from real churches. I was first introduced to these when I was in college and recently I saw some new ones that I thought were hilarious. So, I couldn't resist sharing these on my website as they have made me laugh so hard my side hurt at times. So, I have compiled a comprehensive list that I hope everyone will enjoy. :)

  • Totally Embarrassing: Have you ever said something that as soon as you said it, it either came out sounding like something else? Or maybe you have a child that said something that totally embarrassed you? In here are some stories from different people who have been in such positions. :)