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I Dream of Jeannie

  • Major Nelson's Diary
  • Did you ever wonder what was going through Tony's mind and thoughts after he picked Jeannie up off the island? Did you ever wonder how he dealt with his feelings for her before he finally admitted them out loud? Find out in here.

    NCIS: Kibbs

  • Could It Be?

  • This is slightly AU because Kate was NOT killed. Something happens between Kate and Gibbs one evening as they are finishing up for the day that forever changes their lives professionally and personally. Also, the body of a dead Marine is discovered.

  • May I Have This Dance?

  • Sequel to "Could It Be?". Gibbs has an extra special surprise for Kate's birthday.

  • We Gather Together

  • Sequel to "May I Have This Dance?". Gibbs's team, including Ducky, Abby, and Jimmy, the team Kate now works on, and the Director, are invited to a Thanksgiving Banquet at Quantico. Also, a special surprise awaits Kate and Gibbs at the banquet.

  • Wedding Bells

  • Sequel to "We Gather Together". It is finally time for Gibbs's and Kate's wedding. Read to see all the fun and surprises involved.

  • Kibbs Drabbles

  • Sequel to "Wedding Bells". This is a short story--a bit of a bridge to the end of my last story, "Wedding Bells". Gibbs and Kate are back from their honeymoon.

  • A Christmas to Remember

  • Sequel to "Kibbs Drabbles". It is Gibbs's and Kate's first Christmas together and different things that take place spark memories of the past for Gibbs and for Kate. It is also a memorable Christmas for Tony. The story is in chapter format this time.

  • A Valentine Surprise

  • Sequel to "A Christmas to Remember". Kate has an extra special Valentine surprise for Gibbs.

  • The Dilemma

  • Sequel to "A Valentine Surprise". Kate deals with extreme emotional distress in the aftermath of Gibbs's Hiatus accident.

    NCIS: Tiva

  • Follow Your Heart

  • Written for the "A Farewell to Arms" challenge over at NFA. My take on Ziva's departure from NCIS. Lots of TIVA involved.

    NCIS: Other

  • His Father's Son

  • This was written for proseac/Liz for the NFA WEE 2013 Exchange. When Tony's father dies suddenly, he discovers some information, among his father's papers, about his parents that he never knew.

    Who's the Boss?

  • A Christmas Surprise

  • Tony has a very special surprise for Angela for their first Christmas as a couple. What could it be?

  • Savor the Veal Pt 4

  • This is a continuation of Savor the Veal Pt. 3. In this, we find out how Tony came to the decision to come back to Fairfield.

  • Offer Me Your Hand Pts. 1 & 2

  • It is the day before the big day and everything is busy at the Bower/Micelli house. Everything seems to be going perfect...they think. Tony also receives a surprise visitor the night before the wedding.