Site Credits and Acknowledgements

Below is a list of people and places that have been a great help to me in creating this website. I tried to be as thorough as I could. So, please let me know if I left you off and you need to be on here somewhere. Thanks bunches. :)

First and foremost I have to thank my Heavenly Father, without whom my life would not be worth living. I thank Him and love Him for His strength, mercy, and marvelous grace to get me through each day of the wonderful life He's given me (Philippians 4:13).

The Computer Science Department and my computer professor, Dr. Robert Rittenhouse, of my beloved college, McMurry University in Abilene Texas, where I graduated college, for giving me my start in building a website. Thank you McMurry and Dr. Rittenhouse for everything.

Nikie for being my best online friend. Nikie, you've been there for me since I've known you and I'm so grateful to God for a friend like you. Thank you for the countless hours you've spent by making me graphics and for helping me to learn how to do new coding for this site. Thank you also for being a wonderful temporary webhost.

Leigh Ann for being there and for being such a big help with everything. You've been an awesome friend since I've known you. Thank you so much for the many layouts, codes, and backgrounds when I couldn't find the right ones. I enjoy each time we get together.

Stacie for being an awesome first host for this site. Thanks for allowing me to host on your server for so long.

Ed for being the big brother I never had and for being my best friend. I've enjoyed our friendship so much and the countless times we get together. Thank you for being there for me.

Coding Tutorials/Coding Assistance

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Paint Shop Pro and Graphic Tutorials/Paint Shop Pro Brushes

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Other Resources

Below is a list of other places that have been a help to me in someway. It also includes links to sites of friends who have been a help to me

Vintage Dreams
Precious Memories
Better Hands
Deviant Art
The Fanlistings Network